Resource Assessment

Evaluating Resource Potential of sedimentary basins or entire regions. This may involve:

  • Compilation of data
  • Review of subsurface and other risks and identification of risk mitigation opportunities
  • Assessment of historic exploration efficiency & cost
  • Determination of the undiscovered petroleum reserves
  • Offering Exploration Strategies that will realise the ultimate potential of a region.

Opportunity Creation & Delivery 

We work independently or with your technical team to identify, negotiate & deliver new exploration opportunities. This might involve liaison with Government Agencies, National Oil Companies and International Operating Companies.

Technical & Managerial Review

Independent Review of technical projects

  • Independent Review of Exploration and Development strategy and business process to identify key issues and recommend prudent organisational changes
  • Our Principal Consultant has an exceptional background with acknowledged technical and leadership training & experience. This provides you with a strong & credible foundation for spotting & evaluating new opportunities, delivering new business and identifying areas for process or technical improvement in your organisation.
  • Our Principal consultant is a qualified and experienced BMP & ISO9000 QA auditor. This provides assurance that quality processes are developed and followed to benefit your business.

Independent Representation

Expert technical or management representation

  • in meetings when company attendance is impractical for corporations with limited Industry practical experience or network, or insufficient experienced human resources
  • Our Principal Consultant has extensive corporate experience to executive director level. He is a past member of the Australian Institute of Company Directors and the Australian Institute of Management and he has qualifications in business management and experience to board level.

Exploration Program Management

Specialising in managing exploration projects – our geological solutions range from grass-roots exploration to advanced resource definition drill-outs. Our extensive network of affiliates and key decision makers ensures we can provide complete quality service that includes data compilations & reviews, target generation, design, planning & budgeting, drill programmes, logistics, project management, and implementation. We encompass a wide range of experience with an array of exploration techniques and global operational environments. When it comes to exploration management we are ready to hit the ground running.

Our business success stems from understanding our client needs and caring for our team by ensuring job satisfaction and professional development; and operating with integrity and transparency at all times.

Some of the project management services we provide include:

  • Project planning, permitting and implementation
  • Program development and budgets
  • Team selections and development
  • Contract negotiation of second and third party service providers
  • Risk assessment and safety management
  • Health, Safety and Environmental management.
  • Tenement applications and ongoing regulatory requirements.
  • Native Title – assistance with cultural heritage surveys and liaison with Native Title parties.
  • Liaison with indigenous stakeholders, pastoralists and landholders regarding land access, and the development and negotiation of Conduct and Compensation agreements.
  • Engagement of contractors, contract management and provision of service agreements (drilling companies, geophysical surveying companies, down hole geophysical wire line logging companies, etc.).
  • The design, implementation and oversight of geophysical/geochemical surveys and drilling programs.
  • QA/QC design and implementation
  • Statutory reporting

Project Management

Successful exploration relies on efficient project management based on effective application and interpretation of geology, geochemistry and geophysics to generate and test exploration targets as well as effective business management and interpersonal skills.

We have extensive experience in the field of Project Management supported with formal training. Our involvement in an extensive number and variety of projects has ranged from brownfield to greenfield projects across Western Australia, the Northern Territory, Queensland and New South Wales, and has included coal exploration projects for major clients such as Xstrata Coal Australia to unconventional coal seam gas and shale Oil and Gas exploration projects in frontier basins.

Our staff are experienced professionals in geology and business management with a comprehensive technical understanding of projects, leading to a high level or credibility in our recommendations, and to practical and cost effective outcomes for our clients. We undertake Coal, CSG, and Unconventional hydrocarbon exploration on large or small scale projects and Research and Development programs in:

  • Difficult areas
  • frontier areas
  • mature exploration areas

We are experienced in designing cost-effective exploration and acquisition strategies in both high-risk frontier areas and more mature areas where existing concepts and dogmas may be a barrier to further exploration

Geological Consulting

Through our extensive network of associates we are able to coordinate the provision of a fully trained suite of geologists, geo-modellers, geophysicists, and drilling, petroleum and well engineers from recent graduate level to many years’ experience in coal, CSG/CBM, conventional and unconventional petroleum exploration and development programs.

We provide geological contracting services with a difference: we don’t just send out contract geologists to help with a programme. With a pool of experienced talent creating the core members of our team, we are able to find the right person to fill each of our client’s specific and individual needs.

Providing the right people you need when you need them:

Through our extensive network we have available a large pool of geoscientists, geotechnical personnel and engineers who have the right experience, technical skills, motivation, loyalty, enthusiasm and personal work ethic. We offer clients the benefits of outsourcing, which saves administrative and employment costs, for both long and short term contracts.

With the increasing overheads and commitments associated with employing full-time staff on an exploration budget, outsourcing of exploration and technical personnel makes good economic and legal sense. Not to mention the avoidance of underutilized in house specialists and technical personnel. Outsourcing saves administrative and employment costs, including:

  • Penalties, Public liability insurance and Payroll tax
  • Personnel management and recruitment/admin costs

Field Mapping Survey, McArthur Basin

Geological Reporting

We offer a range of geological reports starting from an initial tenement review through to detailed investigation .

Initial reviews provide an overview of the location, geology, historic exploration data, drilling data, associated mining and exploration, and an indication of exploration targets.

Detailed reports provide further recommendations for the exploration target along with reserve potentials based on research into the historic exploration and research conducted on the tenement. The detailed reports include maps highlighting geology, geophysics, topography, historic exploration and many more aspects of the tenement.

Key Benefits

  • Reduces your workload and associated project costs.
  • Assists with future planning
  • Accurate, precise, proven, dependable results
  • Clear, easy to follow, concise
  • Project management to ensure work completed on time to the highest standard

Land access and LAG Negotiation

Our Principal Consultant has extensive experience in negotiating exploration permits with Local Aboriginal Groups and respective land councils as well as following these applications through the Government approvals process. Our Principal Consultant has successfully negotiated one of the first Aboriginal Land Rights Act access agreements for petroleum exploration in the Northern Territory of Australia and has developed a rapport with the Local Aboriginal groups of the Southern Gulf and Arnhem land regions of the Territory.

By utilizing our existing contacts within the respective state and territory government organisations we can facilitate the exploration permit and work program approvals process.



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